When this journey started, there were two of us in El Camino, but life or destiny, who knows, wanted me to continue by myself. 

Hello, i am Javi and this is the story of      El Camino.


I have been traveling by van since I got  my driver’s license and i have meticulously  practiced the art of van conversion. 

Together with friends, family… I have tried the largest and most spacious vans.Those nearly impossible to park in certain places. We have slept on a mattress in the trunk of the tiny car inherited from Chema and I have played Tetris with handmade furniture and portable showers everywhere.

Years, cars, vans, caravans, campsites and many kilometers later, it is clear to me that we can continue traveling with a house on wheels without losing agility.

El Camino Adventure Vans is thrill and desire to continue learning and improving every day. It blooms from my life experience. From the trips. From the ocean and the mountain hikes. From riding along the Cantabrian coast from Coruña to Bayonne. From many nights in French RV areas. From having breakfast in Sagres and dinner in Lisbon.

I prepare each van, piece of furniture or accessory myself, with care and rigorousness (too much of this one as they say at home…). Bearing in mind everything that I have missed on each trip, and everything that was just unnecessary.  

Thinking about the excitement of choosing the itinerary and packing.

Life has brought me to Mallorca and the island has become my home. And from this corner of the Mediterranean I would love to bring a little more adventure to those seeking for it.


If that is you, I hope you enjoy it.

Enjoy El Camino.